In our previous post Advice for a Winning Website, we discussed what it takes to create an effective marketing website for your app. There’s one aspect we didn’t discuss in detail because we thought it needed its own post. So today we’re here to talk about press kits – something you should definitely include on your app marketing website.

Including a press kit on your website is essential if you want journalists and bloggers to write about your app. Writers are usually on a tight deadline, so if you can make the process easier for them, it will help your app get reviewed. The goal of your press kit is to supply the information they need to craft an awesome review of your app.

Your press kit should include the following:

1.     Description

Include two descriptions of your app’s main benefits and the problem it solves -- a one or two sentence version and a paragraph-long version.

2.     Icons & Logos

Include different sizes and formats so journalists don’t have to spend time re-sizing or converting. For the web, PNG is best. For print, use EPS format. Also include your logo and any other relevant branding.

3.     Screenshots

Include screenshots that really show off your app – the features and functions, as well as its design. Make sure your app is looking its best.

4.     Review Guide

Put together a guide explaining how your app works. This should include a full list of its features, system requirements, FAQs, pricing, links to app store listings and contact info. This helps journalists and bloggers really understand what your app has to offer.

5.     Demo Video

Include a link to your demo or promo video, and any information needed to embed the video on a website. Many writers love to start articles with an embedded video, so having one makes your app much more likely to get reviewed.

Putting together a simple press kit can make a huge difference when it comes to getting publicity for your app, and a demo video is an essential part of it. Get in touch today if you’d like to talk about how a video can help your app.