If you’re looking for a video production company to produce an app demo video or tutorial, what are the things you should know before making a choice? This can be an extensive search, as production companies will vary in their services and the types of videos they create. However, the task doesn’t need to be daunting. It’s a good idea to know the right things to look for.

Here are our best tips for choosing a video production company:

1. Know what types of videos they produce

Some video production companies only produce videos using a set template, while others produce full scale commercials using actors, locations, and sets; some specialize in animation, while still others create unscripted, unedited screencasts.

Here at AppDemoVideos.com, we specialize in creating realistic-looking videos that show off your app’s features and functionality. Our videos incorporate recordings of real interaction with your app, screen capture, and animation -- and sometimes also include stock footage, motion graphics, and live action shots.

Depending on the vision, budget, and deadline you have for your video, choose an appropriate style and look for companies that produce that type of video.

2. Watch videos they’ve produced

To really get an idea of what a company can accomplish, look at videos they’ve created. This will tell you several important factors:

  • How well the script is written
  • The quality of the voice over
  • Choice & quality of music
  • Type(s) of videos they can make
  • The visual quality and clarity of the video

Think about the primary goal of your video and determine if a company has the ability to achieve it.

Ask: Can you show me a video you’re especially proud of?

3. Understand what they can do

Each video production company will offer different services. Know beforehand exactly what you will receive when choosing them.

For example:

1. Do they write a script? Some companies don’t provide a script (they expect you to provide one yourself). Depending on what you need, make sure you know what to expect.

2. How well can they write a script? A script can make or break a video. Some companies outsource script writing overseas, and produced rushed scripts with poor grammar, while other companies take the time to learn about your app and understand your target audience and goals. It’s important to look at their work and judge the quality.

3. Do they provide voice over or music? Again, this is something some companies will provide and others will expect you to deal with (or pay extra for).

4. Are revisions included? Make sure you understand if any revisions are included, and at what point you’ll run into additional costs for requesting changes.

4. Understand how much input you have in the process

Video production is a process that involves a series of steps to build the final product. You may want to participate in the process and provide input on each step, or you may want to give them your ideas and wait to see the final product.

Each video production company will have their own workflow when it comes to involving the client. As a client, decide how you’d like to be a part of the process and confirm that the company you are choosing can accommodate that.

Ask: How will communication and revisions be handled?

5. Look at their expertise

There are so many categories of apps – from games to productivity. What category does your app fit into? Look for a video production company that has experience producing videos in your app category. The company will understand your app better and therefore be able to craft a better video when the content is what they specialize in.

6. Check reputation & testimonials

How credible are they? Do they have testimonials? Have they made any videos for apps you know or companies you’ve heard of?

You can check out a production company’s website for answers to these questions. Going with a company that doesn’t have any proven experience could be a risk. It might depend on your budget, but choosing a company that has proven themselves by making clients happy is really your best choice for a quality video.

7. Understand their production timeframes

Each video production company will have a different workflow (and workload), so how long it will take to produce your video may be significantly different among different companies. Find out their timeframe and how that answer fits into your goals. Remember, faster isn’t always better – you probably won’t get a very good video from a company whose standard practice is to script, record, edit, and deliver their videos in a week.


You’ve worked hard on your app and you’re ready to show it to the world. Do your research and choose the video production company that suits your needs and goals – and who is committed to the kind of perfection you strived for in building your app.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our work or how we can help you!