One of the biggest reasons that people give when asked why they chose a certain app or product over another is the ease of use. Product design and functionality will go a long way in attracting your target market, but you can help to raise the rate of adoption by appealing to the visual learner in each person. And, one of the best ways for visual learners to absorb information is through video.

Visual learning is one of the most common learning modalities, and it has been heavily discussed and debated in pedagogical texts and training manuals. Almost everyone is a visual learner to some extent. Visuals excite and engage us. They impart information at the speed of sight. A text that reads “1 in 3 people” might not sound alarming, but a visual that shows the same thing can make your message even stronger.

Visuals and images have an ability to convey messages with a visceral impact. Dry information can be made more palatable and relevant with graphics. If you say “59% of people prefer A,” your audience might think, “Well, that’s only a little over a half.” But, if you show them an image, they can immediately see the importance and significance of that 59%.

Visual learning makes it easy to process a mass of information on a multitude of levels. If you have ever scoured the internet looking for a step-by-step guide to fixing or doing something, you’ve probably clicked on a video to get your information. With so many people preferring to watch instead of read, video really needs to be a part of your communication strategy. 

Videos are also an effective way to help your customers retain the information because they contain both visual and auditory information. People tend to remember what they both saw and heard better than what they have only read, heard, or seen. 

Videos can even help you bridge that gap between knowledge of a product and adoption of that same product. Some consumers are put off by having to learn a new system, or having to abandon something that they already know. They might even be wary because they don’t want to appear technologically illiterate. All it takes is a short and well-crafted video to give your product clarity and potency.  

Your target market does not need to be knowledgeable about the latest terms or technological innovation. What they really want and need to know is that the product works and the product works well. Rather than a sales pitch or a hard sell, let your product speak for itself through an engaging video that they can watch at any time and any place. 

Video allows your customer to learn about your product and company in an accessible manner that is also conducive to their learning. Giving your customers a visual learning tool that they have complete control over makes them comfortable with your product and more likely to give it a try!

If you're interested in learning more about how video can be a great way to engage with your customers, please get in touch!