You’ve done the work—you’ve built an awesome app, tested it thoroughly, gotten great feedback from pre-launch reviewers, created a top-notch listing—and now you’re ready to finalize your marketing plan and launch your app on the marketplace.

Or are you?

This is the moment when you and your team might wonder whether or not you need a video for your app. Here’s something to ponder:

There are nearly six million apps available for download and purchase

Google Play and Apple’s App store lead the way and are the most popular, but even if your app is intended for a smaller marketplace, your app will still be in direct competition with thousands of apps.

It’s just not enough to build a great app these days; without a way to make sure your app stands out from the crowd, potential customers may never even see your app amongst all the others out there.

Creating a video to showcase your app, either on your website, or right in your app store listing, is a great way to make your app stand out.

We hope this helps you understand the benefits of creating a video. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of videos you might consider creating.

Demo Videos

The demo video is an important marketing tool for your app, and a vital part of your app’s press kit. Not only it is the best way to showcase your app in an app store, it can also be used in your other marketing efforts, such as your website, social media, and online advertising.

A demo video gives a potential customer the opportunity to experience your app; its purpose is to demonstrate your app’s most important features and functionality, and show a user how your app can help them.

Additionally, a good demo video, while focused on giving potential users a look at your app and how it works, can simultaneously let potential customers see how easy your app is to use. Ease of use is something many users look for in an app. Who wants to spend time fighting with an app to get it to work? Not us (and not your customers)!

We don’t want to get too technical, but this category can also include App Preview videos, which are specific to the iOS App Store.

A high-quality, professionally-produced demo video can help boost sales to your app. Without one, you’re hindering your marketing efforts and sales.

Tutorial Videos

Some apps can benefit from short tutorial videos that offer step-by-step instructions designed to help users quickly set up the app and/or get a particular feature functioning properly on their device. Adding an audio-visual component to your user instructions will enhance learning—your customers will gain expertise with your app in a much shorter time. A survey conducted by Google and Ipsos found that apps that provided clear instructions on how to use them were used more frequently than apps without them.

Tutorials can also act as a “first line” of customer service, saving you time and money. Providing videos that answer common questions or which walk a user through how to use specific functions means fewer support requests, and quick and easy answers to questions equals an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Tutorial videos pay dividends very quickly if they answer a question that comes up frequently in your support queue!

While education and customer service are the priorities of tutorial videos, don’t be too quick to discount their marketing value. Tutorials provide an in-depth look at the different features of your app while also showing how easy your app is to use and master, and if you have a paid app that’s particularly complex, tutorial videos are a great way for potential customers to get a closer look at specific features to help them make their purchasing decision.

Do I need both types of video for my app?

Maybe, but a demo video should be your top priority and may be the only video you need, depending on the purpose of your app and how it’s used.

At, we apply both marketing and educational concepts to create a custom demo video that shines. Our videos are designed to showcase and teach customers about your app, incorporating real interaction to demonstrate its features and functionality. We work with you throughout the process so that you end up with a video you’ll be proud to use as part of your marketing plan. If you’d like to talk to us about your video needs, please get in touch! We’d love to work with you.