While the ways in which people find apps has diversified over the years, 40% of people still browse their preferred app store in search of apps.[1] And with millions of apps out there (on Google Play alone, there are close to 2.9 million apps[2]) and thousands more in development, the biggest challenge for you as a developer is making sure potential customers actually find your app when they search the app store. That means you need your app to rank higher than your competition. And that means if you want your app to be successful, ASO for your app is just as important as the work you do on your app and company SEO.

Some refer to ASO as “SEO for apps.” We wouldn’t go that far—you wouldn’t want to ignore SEO for ASO. Instead, the two should be working in tandem: SEO strategies can improve your app’s chances of being found outside of the app store, while ASO strategies can improve your app’s chances to be found inside the app store.

Fortunately, when it comes to ASO, there are some great tools that can help you with optimizing your app for app stores. Here’s our list of the six best ASO tools you can use to help you with your ASO strategy.


It’s no surprise that AppAnnie is at the top of our list. By far the best tool out there, AppAnnie counts Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and Electronic Arts amongst its clients. AppAnnie offers both app analytics and store statistics for free—and these aren’t shallow metrics. Their analytics let you track app performance: downloads, usage, and revenue across app stores and different countries, while their store stats will help you analyze your app’s keywords, rankings, ratings and reviews. If you want to invest in their premium services, you’ll get robust market data intelligence and analysis, giving you access to market data metrics for every major mobile app.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action offers market intelligence and ASO keyword analysis. Their free option allows you to track up to 5 keywords at a time on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, along with basic app analytics, a competitor analysis, and where they really shine is with their Recommended Actions, which is basically a way for you to get advice on how to improve—all for free.

Keyword Tool

This little web extension is handy if you’re just not sure what keywords you want to use. Keyword Tool is exactly what it says on the virtual box: a tool that helps find the best keywords for your needs by allowing you to search for the keywords people are typing in an app store’s search box. The search works on multiple platforms including Google, Apple’s App Store, YouTube, and Amazon.


The AppRankCorner tool provides free ASO focused on optimizing keywords, and providing data on rankings, reviews, and revenue. It also has a keyword suggestion tool, taking the guesswork out of choosing the best keywords for your app.


Love playing with Big Data? Then this is the tool for you. SearchMan provides free access to app market research, and has data for both iOS and Android platforms on over 4 million apps and 1.5 million keywords. SearchMan lets you check your app’s visibility and discoverability, track its rankings, and take a look at your competitors. If you’re looking for more specific insights about your app along with recommendations for actions you can take to boost your ASO, their premium service is an affordable $25/month.


Potentially the “best bang for your buck” if you’re focused on Apple’s App Store, for $14.95 per month, Appcodes provides app visibility checking, competitor tracking and press mentions, and the ability to look at other apps’ keywords.


This seventh tool recommendation isn’t an ASO tool, but we had to include it, as CodeNgo is an app publication tool for Android apps. For a flat fee of $20, CodeNgo helps you self-publish your Android app to more than 30 different app stores, and it also provides app review monitoring and competitor reviews tracking. For Android developers, getting your app out to more than just the Google Play store is just common sense: AppChina alone has 30 million users and 600 million downloads a month—and Google Play isn’t available in China.[3] If you’re an Android developer and you’re only selling on Google Play? There are literally millions of potential customers who aren’t seeing your app. CodeNgo provides an easy way to bridge that gap and get your app in front of those other audiences.

ASO isn’t a replacement for SEO, but it is a vital part of the marketing you need to do for your app. These six tools can help you boost your app’s ASO and get your app seen by more potential customers when they go searching the app store. And if you’re looking for a stellar video to make your app stand out on the app store even more? We’d love to work with you!