Apple’s iOS 11 update introduces a wide array of updates to the iPhone and iPad experience, but this time, it also brings a major revamp of the App Store that really puts the emphasis on video. We’ll focus on the three major video updates in this article – you can read about all of the changes here.

Three App Previews Instead of One

That’s right! With iOS 11, it will be possible to upload up to three different App Preview videos. This means you’ll now have the option to upload not just a quick promo video, but also two more previews, giving you the opportunity to further showcase one or two important functions of your app in greater depth.

Apple will also let you choose in which order your videos are displayed. This is important, since not everyone will update to iOS 11 right away. Those who don’t update will only have access to one of your videos, so you’ll need to make sure your primary demo video is the one that displays first.

Video Localization

Our customers have been asking us about App Previews for different languages and App Store localizations for years, and we can finally say that they are available – videos can now be localized! This will allow app developers to target multiple populations and/or countries by having videos in different languages. iOS 11 allows developers to localize their videos for any and all available App Store languages if they wish.

Not sure how this works? It’s easy – you can upload videos in different languages and if, for example, a Spanish-speaker clicks on your video and you have a Spanish version of your video, they will see the Spanish version instead of the English video (provided the viewer has the proper app store localization settings selected on their device).

Auto-Playing Videos (Without Sound)

Videos will now auto-play as users browse the app store. This makes App Preview videos even more important, as they will basically be shown to every person who views your App Store listing. This is a great opportunity to show off more of your app, but it is important to realize that the videos will play without sound until a user interacts with them.

This makes having a well-planned and impressive-looking App Preview essential, as the auto-playing video will immediately draw viewers’ attention to it, making it a substantial part of the first impression they’ll get of your app. Because the video will initially play without sound, it also makes some form of on-screen text something to consider if you have a fairly complex app.

These are huge changes that have the potential to drastically affect app marketing. Not sure how to best leverage these changes for your app? We can help! Get in touch, and we’ll work with you to figure out how to make the most of these changes (without busting your marketing budget).