If you’re an app developer on a limited budget, advertising of any kind can seem like an unaffordable luxury. However, if you want your app to be a top seller, then not only are app store ads worth the money, they are essential for success. For all but the luckiest developers, word of mouth just isn’t enough these days to ensure your app gets seen by potential customers; paid advertising is a must.


Apple App Store

Apple search ads are still relatively new, having only launched in October 2016. Their popularity is quickly growing, though. Many companies are electing to spend money on search ads in Apple’s app store; Apsalar’s third quarter survey for 2016 found that 2/3 of companies who responded planned to spend money on Apple app store advertising[1], and this increase in competition is quickly driving up the cost to purchase ads.[2]

The good news is that through October 31, 2017, Apple will let you try its Search Ads for free with a $100 credit.[3] If you’ve been on the fence about app store marketing, now is the perfect time to get started.


Google Play

Google Play’s search ads rolled out in July 2015, but despite the market having been around longer than Apple, the cost for a Google Play ad is far less than an Apple ad[4], so if your app is available on Android, you can get excellent value for your marketing dollar.


Benefits of Search Ads

App store search ads are a smart way to use your advertising dollars, as they let you market your app to people who are actively searching for apps, often with the intent of purchasing one in the immediate future.

Search ads are first-party ads, which are more appealing to potential buyers than third-party ads such as those you can run on Facebook or other platforms. First-party ads only require a single click to download and install, so they are easy for potential customers to use. In addition, first-party ads make it easier to observe and track the success of individual keywords with regards to app purchases and installs, so you’ll be able to tell which of your ads are working best for you and adjust your marketing accordingly.

Keyword-targeted search ads are an important part of your advertising arsenal, and can help your app “rise to the top” and stand out from the millions of apps available on app stores. They can be one of the best ways to ensure your app gets seen by those seeking to purchase and download apps, so if you can do so, allocate some of your marketing budget towards these important ads and reap the rewards!