With millions of apps on the market competing for attention and users, you want to do everything you can to ensure a strong, successful launch for your new app. Follow these six tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic launch!


Know Your Target Customers

Make sure you’ve done your research and know who your customers are. Demographics are certainly important, but also take time to find out what your customers like – research marketing strategies that work well, the prime times your customers are online, and also look at things like desirable color schemes and other aesthetic elements your customers have demonstrated they prefer – use the latter info when designing your landing pages and marketing materials.


Have an Official Marketing Strategy

Don’t launch your app without a plan! Take the time to research existing apps similar to yours; pay particular attention to any pain points you find in customer feedback for similar apps, and use that feedback to guide you as you develop your own messaging. Use the information you have on your customers to plan your launch and design your marketing materials. Make sure that you find ways to make your app stand out; with so many apps on the market now, your marketing must demonstrate what makes your app unique and different.


A Professional Demo Video for Your App

A demo video is an absolute must if you want to give your app the best chance for a successful launch. A demo video gives potential customers the opportunity to experience your app. It will demonstrate your app’s most important features and functionality, and show a user how your app can help them. Videos are the best way to showcase your app in an app store, and they can also be used in your other marketing efforts, such as your website, social media, and online advertising. Your app’s demo video is a vital part of your marketing plan and press kit.


Landing Page on Your Website

While most of your app sales will undoubtedly come from the app stores, you should still have a landing page for your app on your company website; it’s a good location to have additional information that can’t be included on the app store, along with tips and tricks for your app’s users. Be sure to include links to any demo and tutorial videos as well.

Your landing page can also be useful before your app’s launch. You can use it to gather contact information from potential customers, as well as use your demo video and other teaser information to generate interest and buzz.


Generate Pre-Launch Buzz with an Early Release/Review Period

A crucial part of your plan should be to find influencers and online websites and magazines to review your app. You’ll want to try and get a few reviews out at least several weeks before your official launch, in an effort to build anticipation and interest in your app. Be sure to include the official press kit with your email when you start asking for reviews.

You can also add an email sign-up to your landing page in the weeks heading into launch as you ramp up your marketing. Offer those on the mailing list an early chance to get the app as “beta testers,” or just send them an email right after you launch.

And if this isn’t your first app – don’t forget to target users of your other apps! You already know current customers like your products, so finding a way to let them know about other apps you release is a no-brainer.


Engage with Your Customers

The first few weeks after your official launch are crucial. Take the time to respond to all feedback you receive (good or bad). Make sure you’ve got multiple communication channels to make it easy for your customers to reach you, and be sure to be responsive to customer questions and concerns.

Following these six tips will give you a leg up when it comes to your app launch. And when you’re ready to create your demo video, we’d love to work with you! At, we apply marketing and educational concepts to create a custom video that makes your app shine. Our videos are designed to showcase and teach customers about your app, incorporating real interaction with your app to demonstrate its features and functionality. We work with you throughout the process so that you end up with a video you’ll be proud to use as part of your marketing plan.