1. Planning and Outline

We discuss the type of video you need, how long it should be, and any special requirements – including your deadline. Then, we get to know your app and create an outline for you to approve.

2. Script

We write a script based on the outline, then send it to you to look over and edit if necessary - two rounds of script revisions are included in our process. We incorporate the changes and send a final script back to you for approval.


3. Voice Over

Choose a male or female voice from our options, and we’ll produce a professional voice over for your video. We can also find specialty voice talent to meet your style or language needs.


4. Video Recording and Editing

We record your video and combine it with the voice over to create a first draft (though we're proud to say that many of our "first drafts" are immediately approved as final drafts).


5. Revisions

You let us know if you need any changes made to your video, and we take the time to go over the details with you to make sure that you'll get exactly what you need. We then make any changes and send the revised video to you for final approval.

6. You Get Your Video

Once the video is finalized, we deliver it to you in the format you need, or upload a high-bitrate HD video file to YouTube for you (4K video is available as an option).